For the past decade or so, shortage of farmers and increase in abandoned of arable land due to the retirement of farmers and the aging of the population has become a major social issue. Recently, AgriTech is attracting attention from the public and private sectors as one of the solution to this social issue. AgriTech is the use of technology in agriculture, it can conserve, streamline, and improve the quality of agriculture by utilizing ICT, such as smart agriculture, AI, and Agricultural Information Science.

Currently, there are many AgriTech businesses that make use of IoT, AI, robots, and drones. In addition to legal matters that are directly linked to agriculture, it is also essential to consider legal matters related to these cutting-edge technologies. Legal risks need to be identified from a wide range of perspectives, including relating to product liability or personal information.

At GVA, we provide comprehensive legal support related to AgriTech businesses by leveraging its experience and expertise in supporting a large number of startups.

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