Terms of Service Agreement

Whether it be web services, cloud services, or internet-related businesses using applications, businesses must manage contractual relationships with many users; therefore, a terms of service agreement corresponding with such services play a major role.

Listing articles concerning the service itself and its price is a must, but providing clauses to prevent anticipated user issues via prohibition and immunity clauses, allows businesses to quickly answer users' questions and manage any issues. A terms of service agreement made only from collecting similar terms of service agreements do not match with the services and cannot prevent the issues beforehand.

GVA Law Office, after holding several hearings on the types and characteristics of our clients' services, helps create a terms of service agreement which regulates beyond general factors. As we have strengthened our expert point of view through supporting many corporations with their legal issues on IT businesses and ventures, we are capable of providing a more accurate and adequate terms of service agreement to prevent future issues and concerns.

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