Due to the advancement of the Internet and R&D of AI technology, the number of AutoTech (Automobile x Technology) services has increased rapidly.

In the field of autonomous cars, it is important to be up-to-date with changes and trends concerning regulation, as accident or a malfunction may seriously impact users' physical well-being and/or property. It is advisable for manufacturers and suppliers, based on understanding the legal responsibilities in the case of an accident or malfunction, to appropriately share the risks among themselves.

Also, in the field of car sharing and ride sharing, service providers must familiarize themselves with changes in laws and regulations. To protect both themselves and users, it is necessary to build an appropriate business model based on current laws and regulations.

GVA provides comprehensive support for AutoTech business, including legal research and advice on business models, advice on AI/IoT legal issues, advice on the Product Liability Law and response to users' complaints.

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