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With the development of the IT market, the number of internet users has risen, leading to large amounts of online trades being done everyday. At the same time, the risk of problems concerning internet businesses has risen accordingly. If the web service provider does not devise any counter measures for such internet-based risks, not only does it impede the business's success but may lead to the business failing completely. Furthermore, as there are many legal regulations surrounding businesses using information technology, having a deep understanding of one's business model helps in knowing where and when the legal regulations apply.


GVA Law Office, using our expertise on risk management accumulated by our knowledge on the IT business field, management of users' complaints, management of problems in system development, lawsuits regarding IT services, can provide a comprehensive service including examining the legality of the new IT service, drafting a terms of use agreement, and drafting/reviewing contracts from the viewpoint of both consignor and consignee.


Business in the age of IoT, considered the 4th Industrial Revolution, which networks product items, services and the internet, requires a cross-sectional, legal and intellectual property strategy which does not conform to any boundaries of any previous field. The connection of data rights is an essential legal issue in the development of IoT business. In addition, legal issues related to software being utilized by web services and applications, and the legal issues related to product liability and guarantees, are the among the few legal issues that an IoT service provider may face.

At GVA Law Office, we provide legal and intellectual property services to identify legal risks in the IoT business and develop more effective legal and intellectual property strategies.

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