Due to the spread of the Internet and the advancement of research and development of AI technology, businesses related to LegalTech (Law x Technology) is rapidly expanding in recent years. The LegalTech business encompasses a wide range of services, including legal information providing services, contract automatically generating services, on-line legal consultation services, and retrieval of court precedence services. In Japan, however, there is a wide range of commercial regulations, such as the Attorney Act. Therefore, detailed research on the legality of business scheme is especially required in this area. Also, when AI is used for these services, the management of rights on data would be an essential legal issue to be taken into consideration.


GVA Law Office has been involved in resolving legal issues related to LegalTech businesses including the above matters. At GVA, we can provide with comprehensive support for LegalTech businesses, such as research on the compliance to the Attorney Act or other regulations, advice on business schemes, legal support on AI/IoT related matters and handling of user’s complaints.

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