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Due to the development of the IT market, the number of users of the Internet has increased, and a lot of transactions occur every day through the Internet. Along with this, the risk of trouble with the Internet business continues to increase. With regard to such troubles on Internet transactions, if the web service provider does not take any measures, business success may become distant, in some cases the business itself may be destroyed. In addition, there are cases where multiple regulations are imposed on business using IT technology, and it is necessary to have a deep understanding of business model in order to judge whether this regulation is applied or not.


At GVA, we utilize knowledge on troubleshooting that has accumulated through negotiation handling of user complaints, system development troubles, litigation etc, with abundant know-how on IT business, and we judg the legality of new services, prepare terms of service, and , Provide comprehensive legal services such as the creation or review of contracts from the standpoint of each consignment side and accession side, and dispute response.


In the business of the IoT era, which is also stated as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, cross-cutting legal and intellectual property strategies that are not bound by the boundaries of the existing fields are required, as products, services and the Internet are connected. In addition to having to solve both the legal issues of the software aspect talked about in the web service and the application business, and the hardware aspect such as the product liability and the warranty card, the IoT has to solve both software and hardware New legal issues / intellectual property issues.

GVA will provide legal and intellectual property services to identify legal risks in the IoT business and to develop more effective legal and intellectual property strategies.

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