Support for Personal Information Protection Compliance

In the real estate tech business, we handle a lot of personal information. In particular, in B-to-C and C-to-C businesses, we have acquired a lot of user's personal information, and moreover, the business which collects information itself as commodity such as big data business is increasing. Regarding the handling of personal information, of course, there is regulation by the Personal Information Protection Law, and furthermore, if we makes one mistake, criticism against companies on the Internet concentrates, so called "flames", and there are also cases where it is driven to abolition of services and businesses itself. In order to prevent such risks, it is extremely important to give due consideration to the user's eyes to the handling of personal information. On the premise of regulation by the Personal Information Protection Law, GVA have a system that makes it possible to advise the formulation of a handling scheme of personal information that utilizes the client's business, from the contents of the service and the content and type of personal information to be acquired while preventing the user's flame risk . We also provide operational support for personal information by advising on the management system of the collected personal information and providing methods.

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