Legal Research on Property Construction

In starting real estate tech business, it is important to confirm before service develops as to whether it conflicts with the law such as the landowner building trading business law. At the start-up stage, there are examples such as concentrating on service development even if it is somewhat gray. Then in many cases there is no consciousness about the legality of the business model itself, service stoppages and sanctions are subsequently imposed, and the creditworthiness of the company is deteriorated.


As a common case, the business will grow steadily without the awareness of the service at first , but  the eyes from users and administrative agencies increase as they get on the track, then the business is found illegal . As a result, it is not unusual to forgo business change or abolishment of business. As long as we make judgments on the legality of the business model before the business starts, and under regulations which  notification  to the administrative agency is needed so that we can carry out projects in a lawful way, so we can relieve service development and management You can devote.


Since GVA has received many requests from companies that manage real estate tech business so far, we have know-how on the legality of the business model of many new businesses. Utilizing such know-how, we can promptly provide legality judgment after understanding the point of business model and the mechanism of monetization. Added to investigating and advising legality, we propose an optimal business plan so that new business will not be judged to be illegal, and it is a feature of GVA that having such strong know-how in proposal legal affairs .

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