Terms of Service Agreemnet

In the Internet related business that develops web services, cloud services, application services, etc., contractual relationships with a large number of users must be disciplined, so the terms of service agreement based on the service play a very important role.


By preliminarily setting clauses that prevent anticipated troubles such as prohibited items and disclaimer matters as well as matters relating to the content and fee of the service in terms of service agreement in advance, you can deal with inquiries and complaints from users quickly. On the contrary, with the terms of service agreement made by gathering agreement of similar services, it does not match the actual situation of the service and does not demonstrate the most important effect of prevention of troubles.


GVA does not merely set general agreement, but hears sufficiently the type and characteristics of the client's service and creates terms of service agreement according to the service contents. We have supported many IT companies and have accumulated a lot of troubles related to IT business in various industries so far, so we can create terms of service agreement that helps to prevent problems more properly from the practical viewpoint.

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