In recent years, due to the advancement of the internet, the number of EdTech (Education x Technology) services has increased rapidly.

EdTech business includes educational media/SNS services, educational institution searching services, matching services for students and teachers, and teaching materials services. However, since there are regulations on education in Japan, it is necessary to conduct detailed research on the legality of business models.

Furthermore, as many EdTech business users are minors and such business works in a field directly correlated with a student's growth and future, service providers may receive many complaints from users. Therefore, careful consideration is required to conduct EdTech business.

Since the establishment of GVA, we have been actively involved in resolving legal issues related to EdTech businesses, including the legal issues mentioned. Such experience can be used to provide comprehensive support related to EdTech business, including research on the legality of business models, advice, and consideration and advice on schemes related to copyrights such as teaching materials.

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