Support for Personal Information Protection Compliance

The use of personal information is unavoidable in businesses using HealthTech. BtoC and CtoC businesses especially collect large amounts of users' personal data, paving the way to big-data business, where the collected data itself becomes the product of such business.

On the the usage of personal data, however, there is of course restrictions from the Act on the Protection of Personal Information; moreover, one misuse of such data sparks internet outrage against the corporation ("Enjō" in Japanese), risking the complete shutdown of services and the business itself. To prevent such risk, businesses must manage their use of personal data from the viewpoint of their users.

GVA Law Office, in accordance with restrictions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, will help create a privacy policy which corresponds with our clients' services and types of acquired personal data, in order to bolster our clients' businesses while avoiding user "Enjō." Furthermore, we will assist our clients manage their businesses through developing a personal data management framework and advising on how to provide such personal data.

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