Research & Registration of Medical Devices and Medicines

In starting a business, it is crucial to examine whether the business violates The Law on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Products Including Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices, Medical Care Act, Medical Practitioners' Act, Pharmacists Act, Food Safety Basic Act etc,. In the startup phase, there have been many cases where despite being in a gray area, the business, neglecting the legality of their planned business model, pushed for the development of their services, which ultimately ended in the termination of service and administrative sanctions/penalties. This will undoubtedly hurt the company's reputation and their clients' trust.

A common case is where the service, still unknown, gets on track and grows proficiently, but then catches the eyes of users and the administrative agencies and is determined to be in violation of the law. It isn't uncommon too businesses being forced to alter or even shut down their operations. Despite the restrictions by law, as long as one checks the legality of the business model before beginning operations and sends a notification of business to the required administrative agencies, it can legally and safely commit to developing and administering the new service.

GVA Law Office has gained the sufficient knowledge and expertise on examining the legality of various, new types of business, thanks to the many requests of legal services from hundreds of start-ups. Using both, we are able to swiftly analyze each key point and system of monetization of each business model and determine the legality of such model. Adding to such examination, in order to ensure the new operations do not violate the law, GVA Law Office will propose the most appropriate business plan. We believe our knowledge and expertise on legal propositions are stand-out characteristics of GVA Law Office.

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