Various Agreement such as Terms of Service Agreement

While there are many occasions where signing an agreement comes to play in a corporation's business activities, there are many cases where one signed without proper consideration of the content, or even did not draft an agreement to begin with.


In such circumstances, there exists many dangers, such as not being able to terminate the unnecessary contract, forced to pay a hefty fine, and/or not being able to receive the promised remuneration, because the content of the contract conflicted with what one agreed on, and/or because they had unknowingly signed a disadvantageous agreement.


In order to prevent such complications, it is imperative to draft an agreement which clearly and sufficiently points out the terms of business. For web services and app services, a terms of service agreement serves as a replacement to a contract in order to manage the contractual relationship between the business and its numerous users.


GVA Law Office, through understanding our clients' businesses, transactions and their relationships with their clients, drafts and review our clients' contracts and/or terms of service agreements so that such agreements fit our clients' needs. We also provide legal support such as drafting a response to the counterpart's demands, attending negotiations in hopes of signing a more favorable conditions, and overall supporting our clients in every stage until they sign the most appropriate agreement.

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