With the advancement of the internet, the number of HealthTech (Health x Technology) businesses is rapidly increasing. HealthTech business includes medical and health-related media /SNS, hospital searching services, e-commerce service for pharmaceuticals, health care services, wearable devices, remote medical, diagnostic and disease prevention services, and medical devices that use IoT and AI. Because of the extensive and strict regulations in the medical field, it is particularly necessary to conduct detailed research on the legality of business models.

Since the HealthTech business affects the lives and physical well-being of users, service providers may receive complaints from users. This is why careful consideration is required to conduct HealthTech business.

GVA has been involved in resolving legal issues related to HealthTech businesses, including the legal issues mentioned above. Our experience can be used to provide comprehensive support related to HealthTech business, including legal research and advice on business models, medical device applicability, medical practice judgment, and medical advertising.

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