Research on Regulation for Cryptocurrency Business

In starting a cryptocurrency business, it is crucial to examine whether the business complies with the Banking Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Act Regulating the Receipt of Contributions, the Receipt of Deposits, and Interest Rates, and other related laws. Cryptocurrency-related businesses especially require communication with administrative agencies and other parties; therefore, an attorney's position paper plays an important part in smoothly running the business.

GVA Law Office has gained the sufficient knowledge and expertise on examining the legality of various, new types of business, thanks to the many requests of legal services from many businesses which run cryptocurrency-related ventures. Using both, we are able to swiftly analyze each key point and system of monetization of each business model and determine the legality of such model. Adding to such examination, in order to ensure the new operations do not violate the law, GVA Law Office will propose the most appropriate business plan. We believe our knowledge and expertise on legal propositions are stand-out characteristics of GVA Law Office.

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