Intial Coin Offering & Virtual Currency

With the advancement of research and development of blockchain technology, businesses related to the virtual currencies are rapidly increasing. Of late, virtual currencies have been recognized as a payment and remittance method, and the method of issuing virtual currencies called ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) to raise funds is also attracting attention.


For these reasons, businesses related to virtual currencies encompass a wide range of business activities, including the establishment and operation of virtual currency exchanges, the payment and remittance business using virtual currency, the implementation of ICO, and support and consulting for ICO implementation.


However, as the business in virtual currency is a new area, definite legal theories has not been established. There are many legal and regulatory issues that have not been address or seriously discuss by lawmakers. Since the business regulations of Japan in financial industry are strict, it is necessary to conduct detailed research on the legality of business schemes and pay close attention to trend of legislative and administrative policies.


GVA has extensive experiences in resolving legal issues related to the virtual currency business. At GVA, we can provide comprehensive support related to the virtual currency business, including issuing opinions and advising on the legality of the business scheme, and legal advice on virtual currency business and ICO schemes.

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