Intial Coin Offering & Cryptocurrency

Recently, with the development and research of blockchains, businesses concerning cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin are experiencing a massive growth.


Cryptocurrency is now considered a method of payment and remittance; a method called Initial Coin Offering (IPO), in which a business raises capital by issuing a cryptocurrency, is gathering world-wide attention.


Therefore, cryptocurrency business has laid the groundwork for more business opportunities, such as the opening/managing of cryptocurrency exchanges, payment and remittance businesses using cryptocurrency, operating ICOs and ICO-related assistance and consulting.


However, as the field of cryptocurrency business is still a field in development, many points are still open to debate and do not have an accepted legal theory and interpretation. Plus, Japan's finance industry sets a stringent self-regulation policy, requiring businesses to research on the legality of their business model and monitor the movements of the legislative and administrative agencies.


GVA Law Office, with our experience on solving legal issues relating to cryptocurrency businesses, is prepared to provide a comprehensive support for our clients, which include but are not limited to, advising on the legality of our clients' business models and providing schemes for cryptocurrency business and ICOs.

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