In recent years, with the advancement of Technology such as blockchains, APIs, and AI, the number of businesses related to finance and technology (FinTech) has rapidly increased.

FinTech businesses encompass a wide range of fields, including crowdfunding, virtual currencies, ICO, payments and remittance, asset management and investment advice, accounting support for asset management (Personal Financial Management) and insurance. In Japan, however, the financial industry is subject to extensive and strict regulations, requiring detailed legal research on the legality of the business models.

In addition, since FinTech businesses are related to the assets of users, there is a relatively large number of inquires and complaints from users, further requiring careful consideration in conducting FinTech businesses.

GVA Law Office has extensive experience in resolving legal issues related to FinTech business, including the legal issues mentioned above. These experiences can be used to provide comprehensive support related to FinTech business, including legal research and advice on business models, formulation and processing method of handling personal information, and advice on how to cope with the to revision of the Banking Act.

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