Corporate and Company Registration

Proper implementation of corporate governance such as the timely and appropriate implementation of the shareholders' and directors’ meetings and the development of appropriate internal regulations, is not only the responsibility of a company, but also is often a prerequisite for receiving financing. Therefore, it is necessary to establish an appropriate corporate governance system at the early stage, this is essential for the management of the company.

In recent years, due to the growing awareness of compliance, the practice of legal compliance procedures has increasingly drawn attention, as such, the knowledge of corporate attorney and other experts has become indispensable in managing company's organization.

Appropriately preparing minutes and other documents and to implement the registration procedures in the event that internal procedures should be followed by all companies and not only for the companies aiming for listing or in the process of buyouts. Companies receiving investment would have credibility among investor when they conduct timely and proper implementation of registration.

GVA Law Office provide corporate services as a one-stop service, from the development of specific systems, the creation of internal regulations, advice on the content and methods of resolutions, and the operation of resolution proceedings to registration procedures.

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