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Startup companies need to raise fund adapting to their growing process to expand their business with the achievement. We have various fund-raising support methods based on our investing advisory experiences in spreading phases of startup companies. And can provide the advisory service to both the side of the investors or VC and the founders who are aiming to IPO or EXIT like buy-out. Because we have many experiences in investing field; negotiating, making contracts, capital increase, consulting of schemes of issuing preference shares, advising about the optimal capital policy, we can advise both investors and startup companies from initial stage about contract negotiation, provide useful legal services. Especially, when fundraising form VC, companies need to consider legal stuff about the investment agreement, like fundraising by the ordinary shares, common shares or convertible bond with stock acquisition rights. Moreover there are new types of investment request from Angels and VCs like convertible note, safe, kiss, series seed being in practical use in Silicon Valley, which use special finance schemes these days. Their legal risks and validities need to be examined. We can support totally including these complicated requests.

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