For a company engaging in a business related to the internet, it is important for such company to focus its business by having external attorneys who are specialized in Internet-related business to appropriately respond to complex contractual relationships with business partners such as platforms, developers, licensees, and advertising agencies, as well as relationships with users.

The content of terms of use and privacy policies are essential in internet related service providers, these documentations must be formulated in accordance with changes in daily users and current trends, as such, it is advisable for these documentations to be formulated by external attorneys who are familiar with the legal matter regarding the Internet.

Since the establishment of GVA Law Office, we have been providing legal support to more than 200 IT-based companies as our clients, including listed companies. We provide our clients with comprehensive legal services, such as, evaluating the legality of new services, preparing terms of use, preparing and reviewing major agreements, and responding to disputes.

We have the experience, abilities and the confident to provide comprehensive legal support to IT-based companies. Our legal support will include, improving the legal flow necessary for doing an IT service, implementing measures to combat platforms, supporting negotiations based on the actual situation of the company, and responding to conflicts with users.

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