Business Legal Research

In launching a new business or service, it is important to ensure that the business or service does not violate the law before developing the service. At the start-up stage, there are cases in which the legitimacy of the business model itself is questionable, and the company's creditworthiness deteriorated due to the subsequent suspension of services and administrative penalties. There is one common scenario wherein a company starts its business, unaware of its legal standing, and as the business expands, users and government agencies discover the illegality in such business. As a result, the company may need to change or discontinue its businesses. However, even in such scenario there are cases that would allow the business to be legally carried out by merely submitting a notification to an administrative agency.


At GVA, we have strong experiences in determining the legality of new business models, as we have provided such service to hundreds of start-up companies in Japan. Utilizing this know-how, our lawyers are able to quickly provide “legitimacy judgments” based on the key points of the business model and the mechanism of monetization.

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