Along with the rapid globalization of business, an increasing number of companies, both in Japan and overseas, want to employ outstanding foreign nationals themselves. However, in order to employ foreign nationals in Japan, it is necessary to obtain a status of residence (work visa) that enables them to work in 17 categories (diplomatic, official, professor, art, religion, media, investment management, legal accounting, medical care, research, education, technology, international humanities, international services related to humanities, intra-company transfers, entertainment, skills, specified activities, and internship) and to undergo proper legal procedures.


At GVA, we provide service to support the procedures for applying for a work visa from the confirmation of the status of residence to the confirmation of working conditions, conclusion of labor contracts, and issuance of a certificate of eligibility to the Immigration Bureau, and supports the development of labor systems related to the employment of foreign nationals both before and after employment.

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