Commercial Agreement

Before starting up a business, it is necessary to conclude various contracts incidental to each transaction, such as a subcontractor or an advertising agency. In addition, when providing web services and applications, it is necessary to create usage agreements and privacy policies, and to ensure that all agreements, such as prohibited matters, exemptions, and payment relationships, are fully stipulated. Startup companies often divert such contracts and terms of use from other companies, but the contracts and terms of use from which they are diverted are not necessarily favorable to the company, and as a result, they often bear a great deal of risk without knowing it.


Even in the case of an outsourcing contract, the terms and conditions of each provision are prepared from the standpoint of the outsourcer and the trustee. It difficult to make complex judgments as to what impact the diversion that it will have on the company without understanding the meaning of the clause. There are many cases in which intellectual property rights have not been transferred as a result of not using contracts and terms of use suitable for the company, and the cases in which the upper limit for compensation for damages is imposed to the disadvantage of the startup companies.


At GVA, our main feature is that we have the experiences to effectively reduces the business risks of start-up companies, such as the creation of contracts, the support of reviews and contract conclusion negotiations, and the creation and revision of usage agreements, and optimally provides contract relationships that are tailored to the company's business model and phase.

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