Company Establishment

When starting a business, the establishment of a company has various advantages, including tax shields, ease of financing, and the ability to earn trust as a corporation. In particular, since the revision of the Corporate Law, the Company has been able to establish a company with capital of ¥1, and the procedures for incorporation have become simpler.


However, in addition to joint-stock companies, there are various forms of companies, such as limited liability partnership (LLP), as well as limited liability partnership (LLC), general partnership companies, and limited partnership companies. It is important to use the appropriate establishment of the company according to the company's objectives, such as the composition of the board of directors and the presence or absence of a board of directors. If we are to consider overseas expansion from the outset, we need to be familiar with the overseas system at the establishment stage. As mentioned above, the establishment of a company requires consideration from a variety of perspectives, including the composition of directors, the responsibilities of directors, and the tax effects. However, with the support of an attorney who is a specialist in the Companies Law, it is possible to make choices without anxiety.


At GVA, in addition to having a staff familiar with the establishment of a company, we effectively work with judicial scriveners and certified public accountants, in an appropriate and inexpensive manner.

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