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GVA Law Office provides clients with strong legal support to help their businesses around the world.
We have our offices in Tokyo, Thailand, and the Philippines, and our Tokyo office has qualified Chinese and Malaysian attorneys. We work collaboratively with other attorneys across the world to provide a wide range of legal support to our clients in Asia, America and Europe.

We are able to support Japanese companies in accelerating their expansion overseas and support foreign companies in starting their businesses in Japan. We handle cross-border M&A, international contract and international dispute settlement.

In addition, we also provide our clients with legal support for various types of leading-edge businesses from Fintech, HealthTech, AI, IoT, Blockchain, and virtual currency.

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Global Practice

At GVA, we believe that advancement and globalization of IT technology have opened up opportunities to expand business across national borders on the global stage. However, there are barriers to cross-border service deployment, such as the laws and regulations of each country and entry restrictions. In order to solve international legal issues, legal opinions and research by local legal professionals are indispensable. However, not all local legal professionals are able to provide such legal support. We are GVA, have the confident and capability to provide reasonable and affordable global legal support to our clients.

At GVA, our global practices involve by assigning our foreign members within GVA to work together with our local attorneys to conduct face to face meeting with our clients in their preferred language. Our legal professionals will gather detailed information from our client in order to provide optimal legal services. The Global Team will formulate and proposed a strategy for solutions that meet the needs of the clients.


At GVA, our foreign members (including those with foreign lawyers' qualifications) are assigned to the Tokyo Office, they provide an advantage to our clients since they are familiar with local languages, cultures, and customs; in addition, our local attorneys will provide sound legal advice which will be based on the local business culture. With both foreign members and the local attorneys working together, our client will receive prompt and balance respond for their legal enquiries.


GVA have begun to expand globally, currently we have established an office in Bangkok. The GVA Thailand Office consists of Japanese and Thai attorneys. As such, any legal issue regarding Thai laws, our Thailand Office is able to respond to our client promptly.

Global Practice

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Provide Global Service with GVA quality

Provide Global Service with GVA quality

GVA Law Office has served as a legal adviser to over 1000 clients coming from various business fields and interests, gaining expertise and experience on a broad range of issues. GVA believes it is incumbent to provide clients with a “Comprehensive, First-Rate Legal Service (ZENTAI-SAITEKI)” in which GVA presents the finest legal advice to our clients and assist them in making the most appropriate managerial decisions to further expand their businesses.


With the increasing technological advancement and globalization drastically changing our environment, legal affairs become a large aspect of making managerial judgments. More and more will it become necessary for companies, as part of expanding their ventures, to devise a corporate framework for legal strategy and risk management.


Therefore, consulting a law firm with experience and expertise on assisting businesses of the same field or interests to analyze and comprehend the legal risks is necessary to strategically solve such risks and other legal affairs.


Services Based on Experience in the Business Field

A Legal Proposal Taking into Account the Full Picture of Business

Services Based on Experience in the Business Field

Everyday, businesses face contract agreements, labor management of employees, financial managements, and at times disputes of various types. In order to support such businesses in these occasions, possessing knowledge and experience on the prevailing corporate legal services, whether it be dispute management, intellectual property management, contract management, finance management, and or labor management, becomes essential.


However, from our “Comprehensive, First-Rate Legal Service” point of view, GVA law offices believes in addition to such “traditional” corporate legal services, combining the “ability to truly understand business,” meaning having knowledge and experience on business models, finance, corporate strategy, corporate organization and corporate expansion is crucial.


GVA law office hopes to provide our clients a corporate legal service which merges both the “traditional” legal services and our “ability to truly understand business.”


Legal Services for Every Corporate Phase

Progressive Legal Proposals in Accordance with Each Phase

Legal Services for Every Corporate Phase

The required legal services for businesses varies in standard and content as businesses reach each phase of their life cycles.


With our experience assisting businesses from start-ups to listed companies in various phases of their businesses, GVA Law Offices analyzes our clients’ business strategy, and in accordance with the next corporate phase, services a framework for mid-long term legal affairs.