Management Principle




Our Management Principle

Providing business infrastructure
to support challengers around the world

Our management principle is "Providing Business Infrastructure to Support Challengers Around the World".
Ever since GVA was established, we have provided support to our clients by building and developing the newly-developed business models, and assisting business expansion particularly for IT start-ups into the Southeast Asia region.
We work to improve our organizational structure, as we aim to be a "business infrastructure," providing support for domestic and overseas business expansion, aiding the latest business for any phases and types of business entities, and continuing to increase the size of our overseas team to expand to all over the world.

GVA's Values


A Comprehensive, First-Rate Legal Service (Zentai-Saiteki)


GVA Law Office has served as a legal adviser to over 1000 clients  coming from various business fields and interests, gaining expertise and experience on a broad range of issues. GVA believes it is incumbent to provide clients with a “Comprehensive, First-Rate Legal Service (ZENTAI-SAITEKI)”  in which GVA presents the finest legal advice to our clients and assist them in making the most appropriate managerial decisions to further expand their businesses.



With the increasing technological advancement and globalization drastically changing our environment, legal affairs become a large aspect of making managerial judgments. More and more will it become necessary for companies, as part of expanding their ventures, to devise a corporate framework for legal strategy and risk management.


Therefore, consulting a law firm with experience and expertise on assisting businesses of the same field or interests to analyze and comprehend the legal risks is necessary to strategically solve such risks and other legal affairs.



Adapting to Change 

Recent years have seen the use of technology beyond the IT industry, such as  FinTech, HealthTech, Real Estate Tech, accelerated by the astounding developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). In such times, GVA Law Offices has provided legal solutions for business ventures outside the IT industry who have confronted various legal issues. Therefore, our legal support services span all fields necessary for a business venture, from starting a business to IPO.

Furthermore, in order to support global expansion in today's rapidly changing times, GVA has worked to strengthen our support for business expansion in the South East Asia region. GVA itself has also actively expanded, establishing an office in Thailand in 2017. 

GVA will continue to strive to comprehend, assess, and provide the most desired legal services required for each industry type, management and phase of business in accordance with this age of rapid globalization and technological development. 

Adapt to


As a GoodTeam

Today's technological development and globalization have increased our clients' needs; similarly, an attorney's fields of expertise and responsibilities have expanded. In order to fulfill our clients' every needs, our attorneys at GVA Law Office work as a "team". 

GVA constructs a system where every attorney, judicial scrivener(shiho-shoshi) and staff can exhibit his/her full potential, and strive for each member to assess "what the best thing to do as a team".

For every client's legal matter, GVA provides the adequate service by forming a team of attorneys with the most suitable ability and disposition for such matter and providing such attorneys with the indispensable foundations for cooperation and communication. 

As a

About GVA




Daini Tokyo Bar Association


January 4, 2012

Representative Lawyer

Shun Yamamoto

Shuntaro Onagi


TEL +81-3-6712-7525  / FAX +81-3-6712-7526


Tokyo Office

3rd floor EBS Building, 1-7-7 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0021, JAPAN


Thailand Office
GVA Law Office (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2525 FYI Center, Unit1/707, 7th Floor, rama4 Road, Khlong Toei, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110


GVA TNY Consulting Philippines, Inc.

202 Prince Tower 14 Tordesillas St Salcedo Village Makati City 1227


Tokyo Office

30 Attoneys (including those dispatched to abroad)
1  Qualified Advocate and Solicitor under the Malaysia law

(Not admitted in Japan)

1  Chinese Lawer 

(Not admitted in Japan)

6  Lawyers (Thailand Office)
2  Judicial Scrivener
17 Legal Assistants/Paralegals


Overseas Offices

● GVA Law Office (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
1  Japanese Attorney (Not admitted in Thailand)
6  Thailand Lawyers (Not admitted in Japan)

● GVA TNY Consulting Philippines)
1  Philippines Lawyer (Not admitted in Japan)


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  • Legal services for start-up companies
  • Legal services for IT companies
  • Legal services for listed companies, venture capital and other companies
  • Legal services for companies expanding into Asia




1-7-7 Ebisunishi , EBS Building 3F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN , 1500021

TEL :+81-3-6712-7525
FAX : +81-3-6712-7526