Selected as one of the experts in three categories of Japanese government-led Regional Revitalization Plan

A Cabinet Order made an announcement of Japanese government-led project, called CHIIKI MIRAI KOUZOU 20 OPEN LABO: Regional Revitalization Plan (地域未来構想20オープンラボ) as one of their public policies. This policy is to adjust to the “New Norms” and revitalize regions with the help of grands provided by the Japanese government as a subsidy to survive the COVID-19 crisis.


According to the government official view, (1) Local government with the interest in each category of public policy, (2) Experts with problem-solving ability to tackle problems of each category of public policy (including private companies), and (3) Collaboration with ministry and government offices holding jurisdiction over related policies; are crucial. To promote this public policy, the government established this plan where will bring expert and local government together.


Consequently, GVA LPC was chosen and registered as an expert in three categories: “Super City Initiatives”, “Medical Field” and “Reforming Business Structure” of this project.


GVA LPC will endeavor to continuously support businesses as a legal expert and an expert in cutting-edge technology and to contribute to adjusting to the “New Norms” with the collaboration and cooperation of each local government.


▼Details about CHIIKI MIRAI KOUZOU 20 OPEN LABO (地域未来構想20オープンラボ)

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▼Details on the 20 public policies

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