Services for supporting business expansions in Japan

Many foreign companies and foreigners are considering either launching or expanding their businesses in Japan.


It’s very difficult to succeed in business when you are not sure whether the business strategies you chose are the best for your particular needs and circumstances. This is true, even if you go to great expense in terms of time and money to research the Japanese legal system from the start, in trying to find the best corporate structure for you.


GVA has a wealth of experience in supporting companies in incorporating their businesses. This is because GVA has extensively studied and has a wide knowledge about legal regulations concerning launching businesses in and outside Japan.


Making use of our career experience, we will offer appropriate advice for your business, including how to incorporate your business; establish foreign, representative offices and branch offices; determine the legality of starting-up your business; and decide your capital policies. We offer consultation on various questions and issues you may have about the differences between Japanese and foreign laws.



  • Company incorporation (subsidiaries)

  GVA supports you by:

  • establishing overseas representative offices and branch offices
  • determining the legality of start-up businesses under Japanese law
  • reviewing and drafting contracts from the perspective of compliance with Japanese laws
  • filing applications to register patents, trademarks or designs
  • applying for visas
  • providing consultation on legal services, labor-relations issues, intellectual property, and other areas.

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